Hurricane Concept

Hurricane Concept

The Hurricane concept was originally a concept design for the Light Car Company, run by Chris Craft (former racing car ace, innovative entrepreneur and possibly the nicest chap in the car industry) who along with his friend Gordon Murray created the iconic Rocket road car.

Chris set a brief for a new car that would provide the same exhilarating fun as the Rocket but with the added bonus of providing weather protection by providing an enclosed cabin.

This was all back in 1997 and after being taken around the wonderful Goodwood circuit in a Rocket Ian revelled in creating a car that was perfect for being driven to the Goodwood circuit, burned around for a few laps and then driven home. We think this design still looks as fresh and exciting today as it did back then.

As the automotive world moves more towards autonomous driving then the world of fun-time weekend driving will probably become much more popular, with cars such as the Hurricane providing a great way for auto enthusiasts to enjoy themselves.

Hurricane Construction

The Hurricane has an offset tandem layout (like a McFlaren F1 but with one of the seats removed), this provides a near central driving position and probably the nearest to an F1 driving experience.

The car has a novel approach to aesthetics because the structure of the car is used as the aesthetic, rather than hiding it away.

Aluminium extrusion and castings are used to create the main structure and this provides an interesting development for car aesthetis in a similar way to modern architecture.

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 Stuff Loves  "Having turned our homes into audio zoos with the GT1 Series loudspeakers, Designe may yet have a designs on our drivers and garages. When asked to take a fresh look at automotive style, the Hurricane is what they came up with. Judging by their previous successs, with it's aesthetics and tandem seating arrangements, we think it might just be crazy enough to get off the drawing board."

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