Meson Supercar 2019

Meson Supercar 2019


Meson Supercar Project

The sight of a supercar passing-by can bring out the inner child in any auto enthusiast. There will often be an involuntary 'Ooooo!' or 'Aaaaaa!' if one passes you by unawares. It's low, it's fast and it's seductive - and you just hope that one day you can have one of these exotic creatures for yourself...

So, we thought that it was about time that we let our designer, Ian Webster, loose on his very own supercar design and you just couldn't wipe the smile off his face throughout the whole process.

The brief was to use a fully electric drivetrain because it's proving to be the power source of the immediate future, even if it may be superseded in the long term.

We'll let Ian explain some of his reasoning about the design - 'The more compact power arrangement of the EV has resulted in a chance to play with the forms around the drivetrain more than normal and explore the use of negative space to a greater degree. The outer surfaces of the car are intentionally classic supercar in their proportions - but when look at that side cutout you begin to realize that the air is drawn through the car and around a sculptured cabin form, before it leaves out of the back of the car. The design beckons you to look around the car to see where the negative space takes your eye. In less pompous terms, it means that you can be knelt down at the front three-quarter view and be able to see through the car and tell your friend stood behind the car that his flies are undone... '

At this point it's worth noting that this design was created before the Lotus Evija arrived on the scene - showing a similar thought of passing the air through the car, (although it's only right to mention the impressive Ford GT, which has clearly been playing this game for some time).

The seating layout is that of a central driving position, with two off-set seats behind (similar to the old McLaren F1) for all the same reasons that McLaren choose it in the first place - We just think it’s the ideal layout for a supercar.

As the car evolved from the initial renderings, the form became more organic and sculptural and we think it gives a distinctly modern flavour to the classic supercar proportions.

Meson Supercar 2019
meson supercar