noble M900 concept

Noble M900 Concept


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The Noble ME900 design study:

There are few automotive marques that have managed to challenge the establishment of the supercar world and even fewer of them that are British. The herculean task of taking on the likes of automotive icons such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche etc has eliminated many a wealthy benefactor and their optimistic team of professionals.

So it should come as no surprise to learn just how much respect we have for the Noble marque.This minnow of a car company has been building cars to challenge the establishment since the 1990’s and was eponymously named after the owner and engineering virtuoso Lee Noble. Under Lee’s stewardship the company created some wonderful drivers cars and in 2008 the charismatic Peter Boutwood took over the helm and has continued to produce some fantastic driving experiences with the evolution of the M600.

Having been featured many times in the press and even feature length episodes of Top Gear it is clear that this is an impressive and sensationally rewarding car to drive. Ian’s aim is to give this driver’s delight a smart new set of clothes to match the performance pedigree. The small team at Noble were very friendly and we appreciate their attitude towards us - but we want to make it clear that this is an unofficial concept and we feel that they will no doubt have something interesting themselves to show in the near future.

Here are some teaser images to whet the appetite…