noble M900 concept

Noble M900 Concept


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The Noble ME900 design study:

Back in 2017 Ian met the Noble team at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and enjoyed hearing about how this tight-knit team had created and evolved their M600 supercar. There are few automotive marques that have managed to challenge the establishment of the supercar world and even fewer of them that are British.

Ian’s always enjoys creating a new design narrative for companies and thought that Noble Automotive was an ideal candidate to use to create a brief for a new design study. Peter Boutwood is the CEO and designer at Noble, so this was never going to be anything other than a play in the park project.

The brief was clear – Create a car that could visually go head-head with the likes of Ferarri, McLaren, Lamborghini and Porsche etc.

Ian sketched out several concepts and his favourite is the one shown in the image below – the M900 concept. This design is a petrol/electric hybrid, utilises active aerodynamics and provides a strong and cohesive aesthetic that would turn the heads of children and adults alike. At night those wrap-around led and laser lights and illuminated logos would also make for a distinctive view in the rear-view mirror of whoever was just about to be overtaken.

Work on the CAD model of the design was started but we have decided not to continue after hearing the great news that Noble have acted on Ian’s recommendation that now was a great time to create a new design. The arrival of the M500 is great news for the marque and while it would be good fun to finish the CAD model we don’t like to step on the toes of any company that is actually taking on the herculean task of getting a new design to production.

We wish Noble the best of British luck with the new M500 and look forward to seeing the production version soon.