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GT1 Series Loudspeakers


GT1 Series Loudspeakers

If you're driven by a passion for design then it's only natural that you'll want to design and manufacture your own products, as well as creating designs for other people. Design e saw the potential to make an impact in the Hi-fi and AV market which was dominated by the traditional MDF box approach at the time.

Extensive research along with utilising processes gathered from working in the automotive industry provided the basis of an exciting new approach to challenge the conventional methods at the time.

The sphere is one of nature's most simple, strong and elegant structures and eliminates many of the problems associated with the oblong box loudspeaker housings and was therefore chosen as the basis for the Design e range of loudspeakers. Design e's pioneering work with spherical loudspeaker housings went on to win over the critics and public alike and influenced a whole new generation of loudspeaker designs.

The very best in cutting edge technology has been harmonized with craftsmanship and luxurious materials to create an innovative and stunning range of designs. With Ian Webster responsible for the aesthetics and manufacture and Hugh Tomlinson responsible for the electronic and acoustic design, the results have proved to be a real delight for the eye as well and the ear.

(Design e continues to provide confidential consultancy design work in the product design arena)

Design e has become a byword for design excellence thanks to designs such as the GT1 Series loudspeakers. These flagship loudspeaker designs stand nearly 1 metre tall, with outstanding performance and awe-inspiring looks included as standard.

Described as one of the seminal designs of the new millennium the GT1 Series are a timeless design that has become renowned for the attention to detail and earned Design e international acclaim.

The satellite loudspeakers were designed to work on their own and for a larger environment the pair of bass-enhancer loudspeakers could be added. The GT1 Series loudspeakers provide an intoxicating fusion of art and technology and you can see their influence on many loudspeaker designs around today.