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Some comments and reviews about our designs.

In our opinion the best way to judge the quality of our work is by seeing what people think of it.

 Tone Audio  "GT3; No, NOT a car, but hi-tech, and full of flawless sound performance" "The result was a sound quality that was really fantastic..... Many have used female vocal tracks to test out loudspeakers, and here again they really excelled..... In some ways it was very unnerving hearing females sound so real, and so three-dimensional from such a small speaker package" "Whether you prefer Caruso, George Michael, Freddie Mercury or Harry Belafonte, all you were really aware of was the performance taking place in front of you, and not of any shortcomings. The GT3s really excel in presenting music without making it hi-fi" "The finish on the whole affair is absolutely top class..... one dealer commented that pound for pound there’s nothing to touch it" "I highly recommend an audition"

 Hi-fi Choiche  "The shape of things to come..... Otherworldly speakers may be all the rage these days, but there are none which strike a more jaw-dropping pose than the new GT1 Series from Design e..... This spherical shape is chosen for more than just aesthetic reasons - it reduces internal standing waves and virtually eliminates cabinet diffraction for fabulous imaging" "Great speakers from Design e" "The GT3 Series is a very attractive and competitive proposition for those seeking something striking and unusual..... It is also a very competent design sonically..... The complete absence of the usual 'wooden box' effects are both evident and welcome..... The whole thing has a lusciously organic quality which is different from the norm, and all the more refreshing for that"

 Channa  "Design e is a company that stands out from the loudspeaker norm. Indeed, I have heard the GT1's and GT3's in different systems and via a wide variety of music by the likes of Bartok, Joe Satriani, The Cardigans and Kraftwerk. With all these different genres, the Design e loudspeakers were very revealing and yet so effortlessly musical; with excellence in timing, rhythm and phrasing" "Thus their inherent musicality was evident even in the solo piano recording from ‘Liszt: Sonata and Etudes’ (2006) by George-Emmanuel Lazaridis, where the piano was convincingly three-dimensional and excellent in impact and definition"

 T3  "Design e have kindly given us their insight into what the Hi-fi and TV systems of the future might look like..... They have transformed the idea of the Hi-fi or TV just being a boring box..... Design e have been developing an organic sculptural design to emphasize the non-linear angle and to "proudly display them for all to enjoy"..... T3 think they've succeeded" "The GT1 system is special not only for in looks, but in its dishing up of low-end throb..... Design e has cunningly removed the bass unit from the speaker (the ones that resemble a rearing cobra) and placed it in a dedicated unit (the more squat, but equally curvaceous, objects)..... making a more balanced sound, free of distortion and coloration" "The mesmerising GT3 Series loudspeakers from Design e..... Fashioned from solid oak and hi-tech composites, they sound as good as they look"

 Sound and Vision  "The GT1 Series are, cutting to the chase, quite simply audacious..... could any speaker look more cutting edge..... Structured to produce purer sounds..... The Bass-Enhancer unit ensures the sound emitted has genuine depth and the necessary, undistorted oomph to please serious music fans. Perfectly matched with, and driven in tandem alongside the Midrange and Tweeter units, the result is a fuller sound with greater colour and detail" "Ever since my formative days in the hi-fi world, Design e's loudspeakers have been lodged in my memory..... The firm's designs exude genuine artistry and have to rank with some of the most visually attractive ever produced..... The GT3 Series loudspeaker design is a stunning product with a timeless allure that both looks good and sounds good anywhere" "The GT3 Series loudspeakers have a refined, timeless look that has to rank amongst the classiest ever produced..... £745 seems a small price to pay for such impressive handiwork"

 Hi-fi World  "A racy looking digital source-based separates system from Creek, Design e and B&W" "There are one thousand and one different ways of putting together a £3,000 separates system, but this one certainly stands out from the crowd as a particularly strong combination and quirky too!" "The Creek Evo CD player and integrated amplifier give an excellent, affordable basis, and are easily good enough to be partnered with the more expensive Design e GT3 Series loudspeakers and B&W PV1 subwoofer combination. Whereas the Creeks are businesslike, and 'all go and no show', the loudspeakers form a dramatic centre point to the system" "The flawlessly built B&W PV1 sub being an excellent match for the beautifully crafted GT3 speakers - which themselves are much more than just a pretty face (I have used them, without a PV1, in a high-end £9,000 Densen B-400XS/B-200/B-350 CD/pre-power system where their inherently revealing rhythmical qualities worked superbly)" "Together, this £3,000 system offers and attractively different yet tuneful alternative to the mass-produced norm"

 Smartlife  "Design e is a company bringing a breath of fresh air to loudspeaker design..... Their creative offspring is so innovative..... These speakers will be a stunning addition to any interior..... These sculptures will make an elegant statement for their owner" "Every component inside these speakers has been specifically designed to facilitate the best possible performance..... Don't be tricked into thinking that these curiously shaped speakers are more pleasing on the eye than the ear. The GT1 Series sound fantastic, coping easily with a wide range of musical tastes. The clarity of the sound being reproduced is of superior quality, clean, clear and perfectly balanced..... We can not wait to see what this fresh new company will bring us next" "If you have loudspeakers on your mind, make sure that you get some that look - as well as sound - the part..... Design e's GT3 Series models are perfect for the task, sporting expertly crafted wooden forms that will only add to your home. They also sound great thanks to the use of cutting edge Hi-Fi technology, making them ideal options for locations where both style and substance matter"

 Stuff  "Sculpted GT1 Series loudspeakers are sonically superb..... The cream of the gadget catwalk..... High design has gate crashed the gadget party this summer..... The right bit of kit will do more for you than a designer suit every time..... The sound quality is more than good enough to satisfy but it is the visual impact that we like 'em for..... These speakers are a fine illustration that great sound and good looks need not be mutually exclusive" "A pair of GT3's look like they cost four figures but in fact cost only three figures, with the net result that whenever anyone remarks on how beautiful they are, you feel like seven figures..... Each speaker is a 510 mm tall fusion of composite materials and solid wood that will transform the look of any room"

 Tech Edge  "Owning these loudspeakers won't score you invitations to lush parties, but, chances are, you're the one sending out the invites. Design e gathered up some of the UK's top designers and came up with these jaw dropping loudspeakers..... Both stylish and elegant, the GT1 Series look like they should be on display at the Guggenheim..... The curvy satellites and spherical bass enhancers deliver over-the-top audio that can't be rivalled"

 Enjoy Music  "Design e's stunning new GT3 Series loudspeaker provides music lovers with the enjoyment of premium sound and high quality build, yet at reasonable pricing"

 Prestige  "Objects de Désir"

 Gadget Centre  "If you’re looking for an equally stylish accessory for your Sonos, these GT3s are probably the most distinctive speakers to emerge over the year. Specifically designed to challenge the traditional MDF box speaker style without compromising on quality, there are very few rivals to Design e’s unique look..... If you have the right space for them they could look exceptionally slick"

 Tech Digest  "Many types of high-end loudspeaker designs come in weird shapes and size but I think Design e should get credit for the abstract nature of these creations..... Design e has created one of the most unique loudspeaker styles around..... The GT3 Series loudspeakers could really give your Hi-Fi a distinctive edge"

 GQ  "Best for the Wow Factor..... These loudspeakers challenge the traditional approach to loudspeaker design without compromising on quality. In the right place, these striking loudspeakers have the power to add an unparalleled abstract feel to any home entertainment system"

 FHM  "GT3 Series loudspeakers. Beautifully crafted from oak, these are the loudspeakers that you promised yourself when you won the lottery/secured that bonus/completed your 100th mugging. They sound like we imagine heaven would"

 Focus  "Even in this age of new technology hi-fi's are still dominated by the "black box"..... Design e have set out to change that..... Looking like something that Q might have come up with, this conceptual music system refuses to sit politely in the corner of the living room, which is half the point as it's intended to encourage consumers to buy products for their looks as well as performance"

 Mail  "Although you might mistake them for a piece of modern sculpture, the Design e GT1 Series are high performance Loudspeakers, albeit wrapped up in haut couture apparel. Surely the most elegant pieces of audio hardware money can buy" "A set of stylised speakers like the ones shown here will make as much impact on the look of your front room as a designer sofa. Speakers shaped like globes produce audio effects that you could not tease out of a box..... Their unusual shape ensures that the music sounds sharp, and the twin bass units far exceed a single sub-woofer"

 Maxim Logo  "Proof that good looks and great sound need not be mutually exclusive..... these speakers are part sound system, part cartoon alien - you won't know whether to pet them or plug them in"

 Elle  "Gorgeous gifts."

 Home Cinema Choice  "Functional Art is the new phenomenon sweeping the world of speaker design..... The innovative approach and radical philosophy has given birth to the curious GT1 Series loudspeakers..... The sonic results are apparently stunning and the novel aesthetics will certainly raise eyebrows"

 Home Entertainment  "These usual loudspeakers are designed to enrich the personal environment with colour and form. They can handle a sonic palette from just a few cycles to 20+ kHz"

 The Independent  "The New Black..... Now might be a good time to upgrade your hi-fi system"

 Evening Standard  "The gorgeous GT1 Series Loudspeakers from Design e are as pleasing to the ear as they are to the eye"

 Ice  "Top of the range loudspeakers..... Stunning looks and great sound quality"

 Perspective  "Superb Sonic..... Hi-fi should look as fantastic as it sounds..... the superb Dali-esque GT1 Series loudspeakers"

 Centurion  "Design e loudspeakers become a focal point in any room and look like sculptural art. As well as being a talking piece, the unusual shape of the GT1 Series works well for acoustic performance, producing clear, clean and perfectly balanced sound"

 Space  "Design e has taken the art of speakers to the next level. These exceptional looking loudspeakers generate music that sounds as good as they look"

 Boys Toys "In our words, tasty looking and superb sounding speakers..... No quality has been sacrificed in return for the mad looks.....They make quite a statement with their colour and size..... they're even available separately..... they'll certainly raise a few eyebrows"

 Brando  "Por la perfeccion des las formas.....Una caja de resonancia esférica con terminaciones de madera de roble para los parlantes que decoran cualquier espacio contemporáneo..... Aunque la serie GT3 es el mas clasico de los discenos, la linea desarrollada po design e presenta diversa posibiliidades que incluyen modelos des colores primarios intensos con formas mas complejas"

 Mirror  "An exclusive look at concepts from the cream of new-tech companies" "These stylish power-packed speakers might be expensive, but they're worth it"

 Sunday Express  "The most gorgeous products money can buy"

 Skylines  "Bored with the black, square box that sits taking up space and looking a bit unsightly? Well you now have the chance to change all that with Design e GT1 Series loudspeakers..... By all accounts they sound good and they add a certain something to the ornamental arrangement in the sitting room"

 Star  "These I like a lot..... They look fab, but my only fear is that they look like they come to life and get up to all kinds of mischief when you've gone to bed at night..... The full set will set you back a few bob, but the sound's worth it and the other good news is that you can buy them individually"

 After Hours  "The GT3 Series is a stunning looking loudspeaker design, that sounds as good as it looks"

 Ideal Homes  "The GT1 Series Loudspeakers from Design e are as far removed from the mass produced hi-fi market as it is possible to be..... These amazing Funk-Art loudspeakers."